Award of Appreciation

Heather Blanton Receives Recognition at Statewide Conference

Heather Blanton
Heather Blanton

Please join Court Administration in congratulating Heather Blanton, Mediation Services Coordinator, on her recent Award of Appreciation presented at the Dispute Resolution Center Conference held on August 15-17 in Orlando.

The center recognized Heather’s “dedicated and devoted service” to the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) community by providing more than 20 years of mediation services to citizens, her 16-year tenure on the Mediator Qualifications & Discipline Review Board, and her six years of service on the ADR Rules & Policy Committee. Heather has been with Court Administration’s Mediation Services Department since 1996.

Florida Courts have used ADR processes since 1975 when the first Citizen Dispute Settlement Program was created in Dade County.

Court Administration’s Mediation Services Department offers several programs to help litigants resolve their issues in a non-adversarial, neutral setting.

The Citizen Dispute Settlement Program, and its Pre-Filing Family Mediation division, uses third-party facilitators to help disputing parties reach mutual, voluntary agreements. Both of these services are free and are available to parties prior to filing a small claims, County Court or Family Court lawsuit.

County Civil Mediation and Family Mediation use mediators trained and certified by the Florida Supreme Court. Depending on the type of case being mediated, there may be a fee involved for all parties in the session.

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