Community Care Court Graduation Ceremony

Fresh air, fresh start for Community Care Court participants

Eight participants of the Twelfth Judicial Circuit’s Community Care Court assembled this morning at the Judge Lynn N. Silvertooth Judicial Center in Sarasota. Seated on the lawn under a cloudless, sunny sky they were there to be recognized for completing a specialty court program that will give them a chance to make positive changes in their lives. 

Flanked by his court clerk, deputies, and Community Care Court partners, Sarasota County Judge David L. Denkin, thoughtfully addressed each participant before signing an order dismissing their charges and wishing them well for their accomplishments since entering Community Care Court.

Community Care Court is dedicated to engaging North Sarasota County’s homeless men and women and providing them with services and opportunities to change and improve their lifestyle. Participants voluntarily enter Community Care Court as an alternative to dealing with non-violent city criminal ordinances and qualified misdemeanor offenses. 

This problem-solving court uses multi-disciplinary strategies that includes coordination within the criminal justice system, health and social services, education systems and the community to provide participants a path to self-sufficiency and end recidivism. Participant progress is monitored during monthly court sessions. In between court, participants work with the Homeless Outreach Team (HOT) and social service providers. Participants who complete the program will have their charges dismissed or reduced.

To learn more about the program, CCC team members and community partners please visit the Twelfth Judicial Circuit’s Community Care Court webpage.

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