For information about meeting times and participation please contact the Judicial Assistant.
Phone: (941) 861-3240
Email: Judicial Assistant

Judge Carroll's Zoom Video Conference Access Information

During the COVID-19 outbreak, Judge Carroll is conducting all hearings via videoconferencing using the Zoom platform. Judge Carroll will “host” the videoconference. For each day, Judge Carroll will have one videoconference feed. All hearings will use the sign-in credentials which are identified below. 

Although Judge Carroll uses the waiting room function, when you sign in you may join in the middle of another hearing. Please practice good videoconferencing habits and keep your microphone muted. If you need to move around prior to your hearing, kindly stop your video feed until your hearing is called. Under no circumstance should you Zoom and drive.

Judge Carroll requests that for your screenname that you use your full name without abbreviations followed by a hyphen then the time of your hearing as follows: “First Name Last Name – 10:30 a.m.” If you are a court reporter, please note that in your screenname along with the hiring company and hearing time. If you are a member of the public wishing to observe court hearings, you are not required to use your name but may do so, although Judge Carroll does request that you reference “public” or “member of public” in your screenname. For those appearing by telephone, Judge Carroll will handle changing your screen name.

The Court will allow business casual attire for Court hearings during the COVID-19 outbreak. The Court understands that many businesses, including professional cleaners, are closed. Please remember, though, that this is a court hearing and appropriate decorum must be followed.

If you have difficulties, please contact Judge Carroll’s judicial assistant Olivia Tarantino.

Standing Meetings

Standing Meetings do not have a start or end date. Contact the Judge's Judicial Assistant or JACS for hearing times.

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