For information about meeting times and participation please contact the Judicial Assistant.
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Judge Doyle's Zoom Video Conference Access Information

All cases: During the COVID-19 outbreak, Judge Doyle is conducting hearings via videoconferencing using the Zoom platform or telephone conferencing. 

If any party believes a Case Management Conference is necessary to address any concerns by the parties, streamline the presentation of evidence, or any other matter, they may contact the Judicial Assistant via email or call (941) 749-3607.

If the hearing is scheduled on Zoom, Judge Doyle will “host” the videoconference. For each day of hearings, Judge Doyle will have separate video conference sessions in the morning (9:00am-12:00pm) and afternoon (1:00pm-5:00pm). Each session’s sign in credentials are different and cannot be transferred. All hearings scheduled for a particular session will use the same meeting credentials for the morning session or the afternoon session. Sign-in credentials should be on the Notice of Hearing, and each session will be posted on Judge Doyle's Zoom page on the Twelfth Judicial Circuit’s website. Any exhibits to be considered must be emailed to the Court and all parties prior to the hearing.

Please understand that when you sign in, you may join in the middle of another hearing. Please practice good videoconferencing habits and mute your microphone until your hearing is called. Business casual attire is permitted. No video or audio recording is permitted of Zoom conferences.

EXHIBITS: Unless another procedure is adopted by the Court at Case Management, before the hearing, send the Court and all parties, in PDF format:

  1. A table of exhibits.
  2. Each exhibits as a separate file, labeled “Plaintiff 1,” “Defendant A,” etc.
  3. Confer with opposing counsel/party to determine what exhibits are stipulated and what objections each side has.
  4. Avoid duplicate exhibits.
  5. Provide witnesses with exhibits prior to the hearing.

WITNESSES: Make sure your witness has a device to attend the hearing and an appropriate location to sit during hearing, free of distractions. Test your set-up ahead of time to ensure there is no echo or other technical issues. The Court can administer the oath pursuant to AOSC20-23. Advise witness of Zoom courtroom procedure and etiquette such as:

  1. Witness shall not communicate with anyone during their testimony. This means no texting or chatting on any device or talking to anyone physically in the room.
  2. Reinforce that even though the hearing is being conducted virtually, it is still a courtroom subject to the penalties of perjury or contempt.
  3. Rule of Sequestration. Advise the witness that if the rule is invoked, the witness will either be asked to login to Zoom when it is their turn, or to sit in a Zoom “waiting room” while the hearing is proceeding. Explain the rule.
  4. Proper attire, a distraction free environment. No multi-tasking. Turn off ringers and alerts that make noise. Make sure Zoom displays the witness’s proper name.
  5. Let the attorney or judge finish speaking before answering questions. When an objection is made, stop talking and let the judge rule on the objection. Mute microphone when not being addressed.
  6. Procedure for disconnection. Advise the witness to attempt to re-enter the meeting if they are inadvertently disconnected and instruct the witness to contact you by phone or email for further instructions if they are unable to rejoin the Zoom hearing.

If you have any difficulties or have any questions, please contact Judge Doyle's Judicial Assistant, Debbie, via email, or call (941)749-3607.

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