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Magistrate Caskey's Zoom Video Conference Access Information

Magistrate Caskey's Procedures During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Zoom Video Conference Access Information

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, no persons will be permitted inside the courthouse for hearings before Magistrate Caskey at this time. This includes parties, attorneys, and court reporters. Magistrate Caskey will be conducting all hearings via Zoom Video or Audio Teleconferencing until further notice. There are no fees to attend by Zoom. It is free and easy to use.

Magistrate Caskey's hearing dates are listed below by date. Hearing dates may also have morning and afternoon dockets. Each docket has a unique Meeting ID and Password that will be set forth below and will be needed to participate in your hearing.

Magistrate Caskey's Zoom hearings will be digitally recorded. If you plan to have a court reporter for your Zoom Hearing, please let the Magistrate know at the beginning of the hearing to make sure the court reporter is present and participating. Please review and adhere to the following instructions:


1. Download the free Zoom App. on your smartphone or computer PRIOR to your hearing date.

2.  On the date and time of your hearing, select "Join a Meeting" and then enter your Meeting ID and Password to access the meeting. Where do you find these? (a) Look on your Notice of Hearing; 0R (b) 12th Judicial Website has a section for Zoom Hearings. Magistrate Caskey has a listing of hearings by dates, containing this information.

3.  Once you connect, please wait to be checked in. You may be placed in a "waiting room" and on mute until your hearing begins.


No Camera. No problem! The Zoom platform allows you to appear by telephone if you do not have a camera or a computer. On the date and time of your hearing, just call (253) 215-8782. Then enter your Meeting ID and Password to get into the hearing. Once you connect, please wait as you may be placed on mute until your hearing begins.


If you have problems connecting to the hearing, immediately e-mail the Magistrate's Assistant DURING YOUR HEARING TIME for further instructions.


1. No later than 48 hours prior to the hearing, each party must provide to the Court and opposing side copies of any documents or case law to be used or referred to during the hearing or offered into evidence. No additional documents or exhibits may be emailed to the Magistrate during the hearing.

2.  Any exhibits shall be pre-marked because there will be no clerk present.

3. All documents shall be submitted as a PDF file via email.  In the subject line of the email, you must include the style of the case, and the case number.

4.  In the email each exhibit shall be attached as a SEPARATE PDF document.

5.  For all final hearings on petitions for dissolution of marriage taking place via Zoom, the parties SHALL either appear at the hearing with the ability to hold a copy of their Florida driver’s license (issued at least six (6) months prior to when the petition was filed) up to the digital camera being used by the party for the hearing so that the Magistrate can view the driver’s license, or, if they do not have access to a digital camera, they must email a copy of their driver’s license to Magistrate Caskey at least 24 hours prior to the hearing.

6.  Any and all confidential information shall be redacted by the individual submitting the proposed exhibit (including but not limited to information such as account numbers, SSN, dates of birth).

7.  All parties are responsible for securing the attendance of any witnesses they wish to call via Zoom, by providing those witnesses with any and all procedural requirements for attending a Zoom hearing listed herein, as well as the Zoom Meeting ID and Password.  If a party intends on calling a witness during a Zoom hearing, they must provide the name and contact information for that witness to the opposing side at least ten (10) days prior to the hearing.


  1. All parties are still required to obtain an Order of Referral from the Circuit Judge which refers the matter to be heard to Magistrate Caskey.  This requirement is mandatory.
  2. When noticing your Zoom hearing before Magistrate Caskey, the Notice of Hearing SHALL contain the following information:  Meeting ID; Password; Telephone Number for audio access only.  The party scheduling the hearing must provide the Notice of Hearing and hearing materials at least five (5) days prior to the scheduled hearing by submitting them to Magistrate CaskeyDo not send mail to Magistrate Caskey’s office during the COVID-19 pandemic
  3. Due to the fact that other parties will be scheduling remote hearings before Magistrate Caskey at specific times during the COVID-19 pandemic, all parties SHALL reserve and schedule sufficient time for the hearing to be concluded, while affording BOTH sides equal hearing time.  This means that if you believe you need 30 minutes to present your case, you must reserve 60 minutes for your hearing so that each party has an equal amount of time to present their respective cases. 

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