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Judge Riva's Zoom Video Conference Access Information

We are holding zoom hearings During the COVID-19 outbreak.  At this time we are unable to hold in-person court hearings for some types of motions. The Court is giving you the opportunity to use the zoom platform to move your hearing forward.  If you are unable to use the zoom platform your hearing will have to be reset to a later date.  Again, no in-person appearances for certain types of hearings can take place at this time and there is no way to know when the in-court proceedings will resume  If you are unable to participate in the Zoom hearing please let the judicial assistant know.   The following instructions apply to all zoom hearings.

  1. Although the hearing is being conducted virtually, it is still a court proceeding subject to ordinary rules of decorum. This means you should be attentive and behave as you would if the hearing were being held in person.
  2. The penalties of perjury or contempt are still applicable.
  3. Proper attire is required. Business casual is acceptable.
  4. Please ensure you are attending this hearing in a distraction free environment. Turn off ringers and alerts that make noise. Make sure zoom displays your first and last name.
  5. Let the attorney or judge finish speaking before answering questions. When an objection is made, stop talking and let the judge rule on the objection. Mute your microphone when not being addressed.
  6. There are icons on the zoom screen that allow a person to raise their hand or ask for a break.
  7. Procedure for disconnection: If disconnected, attempt to re-enter the meeting. If you are unable to rejoin, contact your attorney by phone or email, or contact the judicial assistant.

In order to participate in the hearing by Zoom Video or Audio (Phone), please follow the instructions below:


  1. DOWNLOAD the free Zoom app on your smartphone or computer at prior to your hearing date.  MAKE SURE YOU DOWNLOAD THE APP BEFORE YOUR HEARING!
  2. On the date and time of your hearing, SELECT “Join a Meeting” and then ENTER the Meeting ID and Password to get into the hearing.  OR you may simply LOCATE your hearing below by date and CLICK "Join Now!" to enter.
  3. Once you connect, please WAIT to be checked in.  You may be placed in a “waiting room” and on mute or silent until your hearing begins.  There may be multiple hearings so you may be waiting up to 30 minutes for your hearing to be called.
  4. Some hearings will require you to appear by video.  If you are unable to appear by video you must check with the judicial assistant to determine if a telephone appearance is authorized.


(Please check in advance with the Judicial Assistant to see if this option is available for your particular case) The Zoom platform allows individuals to appear via telephone if they do not have an available camera.  On the date and time of your hearing, just CALL one of the phone numbers provided in the information below. Then ENTER your Meeting ID and Password to get into the hearing Once you connect, please WAIT as you may be placed on mute or silent until your hearing begins.


Standing Meetings

Standing Meetings do not have a start or end date. Contact the Judge's Judicial Assistant or JACS for hearing times.

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