For information about meeting times and participation please contact the Judicial Assistant.
Phone: (941) 861-7833
Email: Pam McLeod

Sarasota & Venice Small Claims Pretrials Zoom Instructions

As a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, there are limitations currently in place on in-person court appearances at the 12th Judicial Circuit, ALL parties scheduled for Small Claims Pretrial Conferences shall appear by Zoom Video or Audio Teleconferencing until further notice unless specifically instructed otherwise. Pam McLeod, the Director for the Sarasota County Mediation Program, will be calling the Small Claims Pretrial Dockets until further notice.  There are no fees to attend by Zoom, it is free and easy to use!  No person will be permitted inside the courthouse at this time, this includes parties or attorneys. 

In order to participate in the hearing by Zoom Video or Audio (Phone), please follow the instructions below:


  1. DOWNLOAD the free Zoom app on your smartphone or computer at prior to your Pretrial Conference hearing date.  MAKE SURE YOU DOWNLOAD THE APP BEFORE YOUR HEARING!
  2. On the date and time of your hearing, SELECT “Join a Meeting” and then ENTER the Meeting ID and Password to get into the hearing.  Alternatively, you may simply LOCATE your hearing below by date and CLICK "Join Now!" to enter.
  3. Once you connect, please WAIT to be checked in.  You may be placed in a “waiting room” and on mute or silent until your hearing begins. 

OPTION #2:  TO APPEAR BY ZOOM AUDIO (PHONE):  No camera? No problem! The Zoom platform allows individuals to appear via telephone if they do not have an available camera.  On the date and time of your hearing, just CALL the phone number provided in the information below. Then, ENTER your Meeting ID and Password to get into the hearing. Once you connect, please WAIT as you may be placed on mute or silent until your hearing begins.

PROBLEMS CONNECTING TO YOUR HEARING?   If you have problems connecting to your hearing, immediately notify Court Administration at (941)861-7800; and e-mail Pam McLeod at  You should also contact the Judicial Assistant for the Judge’s division your case is assigned.

The Host for the Zoom conference has enabled the "waiting room" feature on the Zoom platform.  Please be patient and you will be admitted as soon as possible. Please keep your microphone muted until you are addressed and able to join your hearing.  If you are calling from a telephone, you will be asked to provide your name upon being admitted.


At your Pretrial Conference, if both the Plaintiff and Defendant are present, your Small Claims case will be scheduled for mediation.

If your case is referred to mediation, the Small Claims Mediation Conference will also take place using Zoom. Attendance is required.   You may join the mediation conference on Zoom by video and audio, or just by audio by calling into the Zoom platform.  You will be provided the Zoom information for your mediation conference by a separate Order of Referral to Small Claims Mediation. You will be given your mediation date and time today.  Please be prepared to provide an email address and phone number in order to receive this Order.   If you are able to provide your contact information by Zoom “Chat” or email, please do so.

Prior to the Small Claims Mediation Conference, all parties are required to review the Small Claims COVID-19 Procedures Presentation and The Pretrial Conference and Mediation Informational Video which are available on the Sarasota County Small Claims page.

Please note, court interpreters may be provided for Zoom Pretrial Conferences and Small Claims Mediations. Please request an interpreter online using the Interpreter Request Form.

If you have any questions, please call Pam McLeod, Sarasota County Mediation Program Director, at (941) 861-7833, or via email.


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