Nailed it! Judges have fun with fondant and frosting

Shortly after the teams were formed, the trash talk began. Who knew cake decorating could be a competitive sport?

Judges blew off some steam at lunch on February 18 with a virtual cake-decorating contest. The jurists paired off into four dessert-decking duos at the Judge Lynn N. Silvertooth Judicial Center in Sarasota and the R.L. Anderson Administration Building in Venice. The Sarasota County Bar Association sponsored the event.

This is a picture of a cake that our teams were trying to replicate
This cake is what the teams were trying to duplicate.

In the “before times” members of the judiciary and Bar would meet in informal settings for comradery and a chance to know the judges as people. Jennifer Grosso, the current SCBA president, said her 11-year-old’s birthday party was the inspiration for this event.

The teams competed from separate courtrooms so everyone could remain distanced. Bar members viewed the competition by video.

Sarasota County Judge David Denkin and Circuit Judge Hunter Carroll competed in Venice.

Pairing up in Sarasota were Chief Judge Kimberly Bonner and Sarasota County Judge Erika Quartermaine, Sarasota County Judges Phyllis Galen and Dana Moss, and Chief Judge Elect Charles Roberts and Sarasota County Judge Maryann Boehm.

Morgan Bentley, past-president of the Sarasota County Bar Association, served as the moderator. With a crack of his gavel, the decorating began.

While the teams were frosting their pre-baked cakes and shaping their fondant into gavels, law books and scales of justice, Bentley read answers from questionnaires submitted by the jurists.

We learned that Judge Carroll’s favorite cake is a Boston cream pie. Judge Quartermaine and Judge Bonner both have pets. What makes this remarkable is that Judge Quartermaine’s pets are geriatric, including two 19-year-old cats and a 14-year-old dog!

What Judge Bonner’s pets lack in age they exceed in quantity. Judge Bonner has four dogs, an indoor cat, several barn cats and a flock of free-roaming chickens.

We learned that Judge Moss wanted to be the president of the U.S. and Judge Boehm has a lovely singing voice. Judge Galen, who originally hails from Decatur, Alabama, is a fan of the University of Alabama Crimson Tide, to which Judge Carroll left the decorating table to give us an extreme close up of his University of Florida Gators water tumbler.

We learned that Judge Denkin has a chef coat and several chef hats at the ready and Judge Roberts feigns ignorance of Instagram.

After all the good-natured ribbing and competition was over, the unanimous winners were Team Galen/Moss. Also unanimous: Judges Denkin and Carroll should never leave their day jobs to open a bakery.

Here is what the teams actually did. We’ll leave it up to you to decide if they nailed it.

This is a picture of the winning team's cake, decorated by Judge Galen and Judge Moss. Cake decorated by Team Galen/Moss
This is a picture of the cake decorated by Judge Boehm and Judge Roberts. Cake decorated by Team Boehm/Roberts
This is a picture of the cake decorated by Judge Bonner and Judge Quartermaine. Cake decorated by Team Bonner/Quartermaine
This is a picture of the cake, decorated by Judge Carroll and Judge Denkin. Cake decorated by Team Carroll/Denkin
This is a picture of Sarasota County Court Judges Dana Moss and Phyllis Galen decorating a cake. Like a well-oiled machine, Sarasota County Court Judges Dana Moss, left, and Phyllis Galen quickly get to work decorating their cake.
This is a picture of Judge Charles Roberts and Judge Maryann Boehm decorating a cake. Circuit Judge Charles Roberts shapes the fondant into a gavel while Sarasota County Judge Maryann Boehm carefully smooths frosting onto their cake.
This is a picture of Circuit Judge Hunter Carroll and Sarasota County Judge Denkin decorating a cake. Showing classic teamwork, Circuit Judge Hunter Carroll, left, pipes frosting while Sarasota County Judge David Denkin turns the cake stand.
This is a picture of Chief Judge Kimberly Bonner and Sarasota County Judge Quartermaine decorating a cake. Sarasota County Judge Erika Quartermaine, left, and Chief Judge Kimberly Bonner employ a similar cake-frosting technique to Team Carroll/Denkin. Great minds think alike.
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