This is an image that shows pedestrian traffic around the judicial center during the chiller installation phase.

Work around Sarasota's judicial center enters next phase

Installation of the new chiller plant pipe is continuing to progress along Ringling Boulevard. The contractor began fencing off a portion of the grassy lots in front of the police department and judicial center Friday morning. The two photos show the areas of work and the impact to pedestrian traffic in the coming weeks. Pedestrian traffic flow is demonstrated by the red arrows.

Image of work to begin 08/02/2021

The access point allowing pedestrian traffic to enter the judicial center from the alley between the police department and Ringling Boulevard will be fenced in for at least the next two weeks starting July 16.

The week of August 2, the contractor will extend the fencing to the walkway in front of the Judicial Center, running parallel to Ringling Boulevard, shown in yellow in the photo dated 08/02/21. Pedestrian traffic entering and exiting the Judicial Center will have to be done through the alley or around the fenced area, which ends just east of the Terrace Building.

We will keep you updated with any changes to this work. Please be mindful of the construction and any notices regarding hazardous conditions as you’re entering and exiting the Judicial Center.

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