Florida Circuit Civil Courts have jurisdiction in all civil actions exceeding $30,000 and also hear appeals from the County Courts. The 12th Circuit Civil Division has four Circuit Judges in Sarasota County, two Circuit Judges in Manatee County, and two Circuit Judges in DeSoto County. 


Florida County Courts have jurisdiction in civil actions which do not exceed $30,000, small claims (i.e., civil actions under $8,000) and most landlord / tenant actions. The County Civil Division has five County Judges in Sarasota County, four County Judges in Manatee County, and one County Judge in DeSoto County.

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Circuit Civil Division

Judge Don T. Hall


County Civil Division

Judge Danielle Brewer


DeSoto County Forms

Landlord / Tenant

Circuit Civil Division B

Judge Charles Sniffen


Circuit Civil Division D

Judge Edward Nicholas

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County Civil Division 1

Judge Renee Inman


County Civil Division 2

Judge Robert A. Farrance


County Civil Division 3

Judge Heather Doyle


County Civil Division 4

Judge Mark Singer


Circuit Civil Divisions A, C & E


Circuit Civil Division A

Judge Stephen M. Walker

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Circuit Civil Division C

Judge Andrea McHugh

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Circuit Civil Division E

Judge Hunter Carroll

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County Civil Division A

Judge Erika Quartermaine


County Civil Division B

Judge Maryann Boehm


County Civil Division C

Judge David Denkin


County Civil Division D

Judge Phyllis Galen


Civil Magistrate

Magistrate Deborah Bailey

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Circuit Civil Division H


Circuit Civil Division H

Judge Maria Ruhl


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County Civil Division H

Judge Dana Moss