Sarasota’s Pretrial Services has a 24/7 commitment to community safety

Pretrial Services Managers
THE MANAGERS (From left) Larry Kitt, JAC Compliance Coordinator; Nicole Durston, Court Program Administrator; Alex Smith, Jail Operations Coordinator
The Intake Unit Group 1
THE INTAKE UNIT Back row (left to right): Erica Bolin, Jessica Chanelo, Ali Wright, Sherri Martin, Lisa Mannine, Max Poitevien, Lawanda Hooper. Front row: Sabrina Harris, Will Dell
The Intake Unit Group 2
THE INTAKE UNIT (Left to right): Jami Elwood, Jazz Vazquez, Elisavet Nevarez, Sheri Weiss, Anna Carter, Desiree Zwiefelhofer

PRETRIAL SERVICES | By the numbers

Not Rearrested
The percentage of released defendants remaining arrest free while their cases were being processed. [2019]
The Intake Unit Group 2
The percentage of released defendants who made all court appearances. [2019]
The Intake Unit Group 2
The percentage of released defendants remaining on release at the conclusion of their pretrial status, without a pending request for removal or revocation due to noncompliance. [2019]

The Intake Unit

The Pretrial Services Intake Unit operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The main role of the Intake Unit is to collect information about arrested persons and provide comprehensive reports for the judge at First Appearances. Included in the reports are details on a person’s community ties, an extensive criminal background check, and a risk assessment. This information assists the judge in bond decisions.

The Juvenile Assessment Center (JAC)

The JAC is inside the county jail and the Intake team members are certified to process all criminal juvenile arrests that occur within Sarasota County. The team prescreens arrested youth for medical and mental health clearance. Once youth are admitted into the facility, they are assessed and released to the appropriate placement in accordance with DJJ policy and procedure.

The Supervision Unit

The Supervision Unit is responsible for proactively monitoring and enforcing court orders for defendants who are released to Supervised Pretrial Release (SPR), while remaining an impartial party. To increase the chances of successful compliance with conditions of release, the team assists clients with securing employment and, for early intervention, refers them to community service providers for mental health and substance abuse treatment, veterans’ services, legal aid, medical assistance, housing, food and other services. They track clients’ criminal court dates, ensuring that clients are aware of all of their hearings and increasing court appearance rates.

The Supervision Unit
THE SUPERVISION UNIT Back row (left to right): Nicole Durston, Lisa Jones, Isabel Reyes. Middle Row: Danielle Butler, Chantele Bigham, Larry Sanger. Front Row: Tiffany Cappiello, Carmina Salazar