Subscription Service allows registered users to subscribe to documents, e.g. judges dockets, administrative orders, etc., posted on the 12th Circuit website and receive email notification whenever documents are updated or added.

Registering for Subscription Service

The Document Subscription service is only available to registered users. To register with this site, select the Register link near the top of this page. Once you complete the registration form you will be automatically logged into the site.

Document Subscription Lists

Document subscription lists are available throughout this website.  Registered users will be able to identify a document subscription list by the subscription button that appears above each list. If you wish to receive notifications when documents in a particular list are added or updated simply press the subscribe button. If you later wish to unsubscribe from a list simply press the unsubscribe button.

Pages with subscription service:

Managing Subscriptions

Once you've logged in a My Subscriptions link will appear near the top of each page. Following this link will direct you to the Manage Subscriptions section of your profile page. The Manage Subscription section contains a list of all document subscription lists you have subscribed to as well as a link to remove each subscription. The Manage Subscription section also contains a link to the document subscription list for easy access to documents you are most interested in.

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