Career Opportunities with the Twelfth Judicial Circuit

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Career Opportunities

Note: Centerstone's potition title is "Counselor, BA Level

The job:
Drug Court is a specialized treatment court that combines legal proceedings, addiction treatment and rehabilitation into one program. This 40-hour per week, Monday-Friday position requires experience in addictions and counseling and a minimum Bachelor’s degree. The successful candidate is professional and organized, and must possess a valid driver’s license, pass background screening and reference checks. This position will be a contractual employee of Centerstone, supervised by the Court, and based in Sarasota.

Skills, knowledge and abilities needed:

  • Able to facilitate individual and group sessions;
  • Able to counsel individuals who are addicted to drugs and alcohol, and help them identify behaviors and problems related to their addiction;
  • Able to maintain accurate documentation; and
  • Able to develop treatment plans, psychosocial assessments and reports to the court.

To apply:
All candidates must complete the Centerstone application at Centerstone's career page to be considered for the position. The position is listed as “Case Manager/Counselor-Sarasota Drug Court (BA Level)” on Centerstone’s website.

Interested candidates are encouraged to email their current resume to the Court's Human Resources Department.

Contractual Opportunities

Position Type: Contractual
Position Available: Immediately
Hourly Rate: $75 / hour for therapy ($25 - $50 for court appearance)

FDLE has approved all services below. 

The Twelfth Judicial Circuit is accepting applications from licensed mental health therapists (LCSW, LMHC, Psy.D, Ph.D) for clinical counseling services for its Behavioral Health Court. This court is also locally known as Mental Health Court. The provider will be responsible for providing the counseling services in its own office which must be located in Sarasota County. Provider will be an independent contractual service provider with the Court. Qualified individuals will be placed on an approved list and will be referred appropriate cases on an as needed basis by the Health Care Court Administrator

Duties include but are not limited to:

  • Regularly scheduled individual meetings (no more than twice monthly absent court approval otherwise) per client
  • Evaluations, assessments and counseling of Behavioral Health Court clients
  • Conduct group sessions as necessary at Treatment Court Office
  • Regular consultation with Health Care Court Administrator
  • Attendance at court hearings as necessary
  • Procurement of medical release in order to share information related to the client with the Health Care Court Administrator for use in the court proceeding
  • Documentation of all evaluations, progress notes, as requested by Health Care Court Administrator
  • Commitment to see the client for the duration of the court case absent significant unforeseen circumstances
  • Sign an agreement memorializing these duties and the payment arrangements

Payment as Follows:

  • The Court will pay $75 per hour of therapy (including any necessary documentation associated with the therapy) for two sessions per month per client. A client may receive more counseling if approved by the Court. A counselor may utilize a client’s insurance if the client has insurance and the counselor prefers to do so; however, the Court will not pay the hourly rate if insurance is also billed.
  • The Court will pay $75 for each initial evaluation and assessment. This may require a visit to the Sarasota County Jail.
  • The Court will pay $50 for a live court appearance and/or $25 for a telephonic court appearance, with discretion to be determined by the court.
  • The Court will pay $75 per hour for group therapy (including any necessary documentation associated with the therapy).

Services will be invoiced on a monthly basis outlining days and hours worked, including backup documentation for clients served and services provided. Due to federal grant guidelines, these contractual counseling services contracts will be awarded on an annual basis and must be renewed annually. All applicants are further advised that the Additional Contract Provisions, “Attachment A”, are required to be included in all contracts.

To Apply

Please read the 2018 Selection and Submission Criteria.  

The Court reserves the right to limit the number of counselors participating and/or add counselors based upon special needs or location. All applicants will be subject to criminal background checks on an annual basis.

Contract award is subject to FDLE JAG Program Standard Conditions and additional Federal Grant Requirements (2 CFR Part 200), see attached.

Contact Information

Human Resources Manager

  • Address: Judge Lynn N.
    Silvertooth Judicial Center
    PO Box 48927
    Sarasota, Florida 34230
  • Phone: (941) 861-7800
  • Fax: (941) 861-7904
  • Email:

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